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Have you ever thought whether coffee works as a nice souvenir for the folks back home?

It definitely works as a wake-me-up in the morning! And that’s not just my opinion, it is also what other 2.25 billion people think (that being the number of coffee cups drunk daily worldwide). Haven’t you found yourself wandering aimlessly until you take the first sip from this freshly brewed goodie? I certainly have!

Did you know that coffee’s energizing effect was discovered back in the fifteenth century in Ethiopia? My dear coffee has come a long way from then, spreading all over the tropical areas of the world. Apart from the famous grounds from Brazil or Colombia, the Dominican Republic has its very own delicious coffee. This underrated Dominican treasure is definitely something to look forward to on your next Caribbean vacation!

To lay on one of Punta Cana’s beaches early in the morning and have a Dominican cup of coffee is pure bliss! Close your eyes and let the senses take over your imagination. See the lush mountains where the grains are grown, the humble villager harvesting the cherry-looking little fruits. Opening your eyes to see the white-sand beach and the crystal blue waters in front of you normally does not go hand in hand with the previous image. However, the coffee you tasted comes from the mountains as close as 45 minutes away from the beach!!!

It is a wonder everyone should see and it is as simple as taking a tour. Some excursions show you the whole process: as manual as it is ancient. A deep relationship between nature and the landowner.

During the tour, you can taste a bit of coffee right at the source. It does not get any fresher, I’m telling you! I find it is a true experience of a lifetime that I can remember every morning with my daily cup of coffee!

Anyhow, to answer my first question: yes! Personally, I would not mind receiving a nice package of coffee as a souvenir. Tasting coffee from new corners of the world is a great opportunity for any coffee-lover.

I would definitely remember the person who gave it to me for at least three weeks… or as long as the coffee lasts.

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