Last month I was having a wonderful time in a beautiful hotel in Punta Cana and, as usual, I was at the pool bar when another guest approached me and struk up a conversation. After a while, he said “I don’t know which tour to select, there are are so many options!”. So, I told that person how to choose a tour in Punta Cana, based on my experience, with 5 easy ideas.

1. Full day or Half day?

The first thing you need to know is if you want to leave your hotel the whole day or just half a day, that will define different types of tours.

2. Water or Land?

You should decide if you want to get wet or dirty :). Tours in Punta Cana are split mainly into water activities and land activities.

3. Water activities: Animal encounter or just relaxing?

If you chose a water activity, then it’s time to decide if you would like to have an animal encounter or a relaxing day in the water. Swimming with with nurse sharks, dolphins or rays, are some of the options you can find, like the Marinarium tour. On the other hand, you can select a tour where you can relax watching the beautiful sea and beach landscapes, like the Saona Island Tour.

Or you can have both of them! (Just add a massage! Oh, yes!) With tours like the Reef Explorer, which combines relaxing and animal encounters in the middle of the ocean, (I really love it!) you can have the best of two worlds.

Adventure can be found in water activities as well if you select a tour like the Bavaro Splash, which adds some adrenaline to the wetness! 😉

4. Land activities: Safari or Sightseeing ?

Again, there are two ways to enjoy a land activity. Safaris are good for learning about Dominican culture while you ride an adventurous truck right in the middle of the mountain countryside. Local food is amazing and landscapes are awesome. Bavaro Runners and Outback Safari are really nice options.

Love culture and sightseeing? There are several tours that take you to places such as Altos de Chavon and its amazing amphitheater or Santo Domingo, the first city of the new world.

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